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We believe that only together will evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) become a reality in Africa. Over the last decade, the Africa Evidence Network (AEN) has grown into a broad community of over 4,000 diverse people who share a vision to see an end to poverty and inequality in Africa. The Network’s mission is to facilitate connections and collaborations that contribute to this vision by increasing EIDM together.

The key purpose of our EVIDENCE events is to facilitate engagement, broker understanding, and support impact of EIDM in Africa. The theme and format of each EVIDENCE event is always unique, shaped by what members want to take forward, as well as responsive to external factors (e.g., the COVID-19 pandemic). Irrespective of its distinct blend of virtual and in-person activities, every single EVIDENCE event has delivered on its core purpose: engage, understand, impact.

Because they are responsive to real needs within the evidence ecosystem and we never follow a set format, these events always attract diverse participants from all sectors. Members of civil society, government, academia, and all in between convene to push forward the agenda of reducing poverty and inequality in Africa through the support of EIDM.

EVIDENCE 2023: Coming together to build a knowledge base for EIDM practice

In 2023, the AEN is proud to continue this tradition of innovation in facilitating collaboration with Evidence 2023. The objectives of this next instalment of the EVIDENCE event series are to:

• Bring together the Pan-African community for learning, sharing, and relationship-building.

• Provide an opportunity for connection and collaboration to enhance mutual learning and the development of new ideas about supporting EIDM.

• Build content for EIDM practice.

• Provide opportunities to share EIDM practice experiences of different experts in the community.

"Only together can evidence-informed decision-making become a reality."


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